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Friday, November 22, 2013, from 5:30-8:00, is the Preview Reception for the Matchbox Plus IX Show at Cedar Street Galleries in Honolulu. The artwork, both 2D and 3D, are all originals and are all miniature size from a multitude of artists. For this exhibit, I submitted two of my coconut fiber works, “Eastside Palms Diptych” and “Ali’i Beach Palms”.  Both of these works are painted in acrylic on actual coconut tree fiber which has been prepared and mounted on cradled wooden panels.

Eastside Palms Diptych - Pati O'Neal 2 pieces 5"x7" each

Eastside Palms Diptych – Pati O’Neal
2 pieces 5″x7″ each

Ali'i Beach Palms - Pati O'Neal 6" x 6"

Ali’i Beach Palms – Pati O’Neal
6″ x 6″

The show runs November 22, 2013 to January 5, 2014. It is on the second floor of the gallery. This is always a fantastic show with a concentration of creativity. Here is the invitation with all the info:

MatchboxPlusIX_2013_Front MatchboxPlusIX_2013

When I got back to my little country shack in ole Hale’iwa, I received some good news. I had previously entered five pieces into Art America Awards online and found out that I received awards for three of my paintings, one first place and two second place. Here is the first write-up…


September 16, 2013

HHAAAthomball (1)

Highlight Hollywood reveals the winners of the 2013 American Art Awards  FLORAL – REALISM CATEGORY. American Art Awards president Thom Bierdz, recognized  globally for playing Phillip Chancellor III on The Young & The Restless  since 1986 and himself a painter in many genres, reported to us today  the highest scored floral artisans. 25 prestigious American galleries  vote on all work submitted to, the  contest. This year there were winning artist from 18 countries. First Place  of Floral goes to Hawaiian native Pati O’Neal.



1ST PLACE       PATI O’NEAL   “Spiral  Costus”
2ND PLACE     MEAGAN  WU    “Floral Pattern”
3RD  PLACE     CARL GETHMANN    “An  Arrangement”
4TH PLACE      HYAE  JIN SOH    “Hope & Love”
4TH  PLACE     EUGENE RODRIGUEZ     “Welcome  To The 21st Century”
5TH PLACE      BARBARA  STRAND    “Hawaiian Flowers 1″
5TH  PLACE     DEAN LOUCKS    “Copper  Flowers”
6TH PLACE      M.  CLARK    “Quick Sketch In Fiji”

For my second place award in the “Realism Landscape” category, I have to say that I am still pretty stoked since I found out that the first place image is done with digital photography and graphics programs and mine is done with old-fashioned oil on canvas. Here is the write up from the Highlight Hollywood site:

Carl Gethmann, Pati O’Neal, Lorna Allan, Dean Loucks, Seshadri Sreenivasan And A. S. Helwig Score Big In Realism Art – Thom Bierdz Reports To Highlight Hollywood News

September 25, 2013


Thom Bierdz, president  of the online art competition judged by  25 of the best American galleries,, today  announced to Highlight Hollywood the international winners of the 2013  American Art Awards category of Realism/Landscape. These artisans take top  prizes:


 1ST PLACE     CARL  GETHMANN   “Dreaming Of Winter”
2ND PLACE    PATI O’NEAL  “Kailua Beach Park  Morning”
3RD PLACE     LORNA  ALLAN    ”This Eternal Land”
4TH  PLACE    DEAN LOUCKS  “Philly Red Door”
5TH  PLACE    A S HELWIG   “Sun Charged At Nose  Hill”
6TH PLACE     LORNA ALLAN   “Sublime Solitude”
6TH PLACE     LORNA  ALLAN  “Homage To The Hinterland”

And now for my other second place award in the “Self Portrait” category…….

Soojee Baek, Pati O’Neal, Ji Woo Park, Katarzyna Jablonska, Ting Na Wang And Youxin Yang Win Best Self-Portraits, 2013 – Thom Bierdz, President Of American Art Awards, Reports To Highlight Hollywood

September 28, 2013

HHAAAZZZDozens of the  most established American galleries have voted six artists winners in the 2013  American Art Awards category of Self-Portrait. Thom Bierdz, AAA president since  2008, shares exclusively to Highlight Hollywood, “American galleries voted on  all work submitted to, but the  contest is open to artists in all countries. We had winners from 18 countries in  52 categories. 1ST PLACE in Self-Portrait goes to Soojee Baek for her 42×70″  acrylic, “Captivity”.”


2ND PLACE  PATI O’NEAL “Contemplation”
5TH PLACE  TING NA  WANG “Self Portrait (You Are What You See)”
6TH PLACE  YOUXIN  YANG  “Self-Portrait Thinking”

At the beginning of September, I went on a wonderful trip to Indonesia. I spent some time relaxing, beach-combing and gathering more material for my artwork. I actually took over 5000 photos! It took a while to cull it done to a more reasonable number and here a some of the images below…..

Balagan Sunset - small

Balangan Sunset

Bali Rice Fields

Bali Rice Fields

Bali temple pond

Bali Temple Pond

Morning in Downtown Kuta on Lombok

Morning in Downtown Kuta on Lombok

Market on Lombok

Market on Lombok




When I got back to Hawaii, I had some wonderful news.  I was featured as a cover story in a local newspaper while I was gone. Here is the article below:

Central // Central Oahu Coverstory
MidWeek Staff

Haleiwa Artist In National Exhibit

Posted on July 31, 2013 by MidWeek Staff | Email the author
CentralCentral Oahu Coverstory | 256 Total Views

Who says it’s hard to get noticed in Hawaii?

Pati O’Neal, a Haleiwa resident, is one of 27 artists from around the world to have their work selected for the American Society of Aviation Artist 2013 International Aerospace Art Exhibition at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport Terminal Gallery.

The juried exhibition opened last month and runs through Sept. 23. O’Neal said the exhibit is an important step in publicizing her art outside of Hawaii.

“It’s really great exposure for aviation art,” said the sculptor and ceramics artist who began painting just six years ago. “Hawaii is so far removed from aviation art. About the only way for me to get exposure for my aviation art is to be involved with a national group like that and have a national exhibit. Getting exposure with this group as opposed to a smaller group is that some of the biggest names in aviation art are part of the association.”

O’Neal was recognized for her painting, “Coconut Clipper,” which won the Four Feathers Plaque du Beaque award and the was the first-place award winner in the Aviation Week & Space Technology Commercial Aviation category. The painting stands out because of its use of coconut fibers, which add texture to the piece.

“Using that as a surface adds texture, and it created a nostalgic feel of the Pan Am clippers,” said O’Neal describing the piece.

The other painting, “Gone West,” depicts a Red Tail P-51C Tuskegee airmen sitting on the ramp facing west into the setting sun in tribute to all those who have gone west – a past euphemism for death when wounded or dead Allied soldiers were often sent west on their way home.

“I was very happy with these (being chosen). The coconut fiber one because it captured that old-time feel, and in the other painting I wanted to capture the light. So I was really happy with these two.”

Yes, it’s been a while again since I blogged, but I am getting better about it……and while I am still on the subject of my aviation art, I will try to recap.

This year’s ASAA’s International Aerospace Art Exhibition was held at BWI – Thurgood Marshall International Airport in Baltimore, Maryland. I was unable to attend the ASAA Forum and Banquet this year and am sure I missed out on a lot of information and good times. The juried works were exhibited from June 23, 2013 – September 22, 2013.  I was once again fortunate enough to have both of my entries accepted into the show, with one of my paintings winning two awards! “Gone West” is an 18″ x 24″ oil on canvas, and the other is “Coconut Clipper”, also an 18″ x 24″ painting.

Here is the press release:ASAA 2013 ARTIST press release_Page_1 ASAA 2013 ARTIST press release_Page_2

As I wrote earlier, I will try to recap what has been happening with my aviation art during the last two years…..Actually the last time I wrote about my aviation art was February of 2011, when I received notification that two of my paintings were accepted iPati with THH original in Pensacola view 3nto the 2011 ASAA International Aerospace Art Exhibition. That show was held at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida, where paintings were displayed on two levels in their lobby area. My painting Afternoon Delights won the 2nd place award in Aviation Week and Space Technology’s General Aviation category. The image on the left shows me with Taylorcraft Heading Home.

Pati with Charles McGee and James Warren

With Lt. Col. James C. Warren on the left, and Col. Charles E. McGee on the right

Also in 2011, I went to EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin where I assisted at the CAF’s RedTail Project/Squadron Traveling Exhibit. The RedTail Squadron’s mission is to share the inspiring legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen, America’s first African-American military pilots and their support crews. There were matted prints of my painting Tuskegee Tales for sale at the booth. While there, I met a couple of very special gentlemen, Lt. Col. James C. Warren and Col. Charles E. McGee and was able to spend some time talking to them while they took in the airshow from the shade.

In June of 2012, I had a painting accepted into the 2012 ASAA International Aerospace Art Exhibition at the AirZoo in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Swat Valley Aid is my first helicopter painting and is based off of a photograph taken by my nephew Matt Wesenberg who was a CH-46 pilot at the time. At the same time, just 30 minutes away in Battle Creek, Afternoon Delights was a part of the 25 year ASAA Retrospective Show. To top off this whirlwind trip, I got to fly in a variety of different aircraft, took in two smaller airshows in Wisconsin. I also toured the Golden Wings Flying Museum, where I met Greg Herrick and presented him with Stinson Sunrise, a painting of his Stinson Tri-motor amidst a dramatic morning, which now hangs on his office wall.

Stinson Sunrise - smaller

Stinson Sunrise – Pati O’Neal
18″ x 24″ – Oil on canvas

Which leads us into 2013.

Okay……It’s been almost two years since I have last written. Now it is time to get back on track. As you can probably tell, I am not a writer, nor am I a person that Is comfortable in publicizing or marketing myself.  All I want to do is create and nurture my creative spirit. I want my work to speak for itself.  Nevertheless, after repeated requests from others wanting to know what is going on with my work, what I am working on next, what direction my work is going … etc., or plain curiosity, I will blog again.

As a quick recap – here are a few things that has happened within the last two years:

I have participated in the last two Hale’iwa Arts Festivals with the help of my daughter Elyse. Gorgeous weather and fantastic people made both weekends great.

Pati Hale'iwa Booth 2012

2012 Hale’iwa Arts Festival booth

Pati at HAF 2013 Booth

2013 Hale’iwa Art Festival Booth

On the aviation art front, I have also had paintings juried into the last two ASAA forum exhibits and a painting included in an ASAA 25 year Retrospective exhibit.  (All which I will blog about later.)

Gary Reed’s Studio exhibits were other events that I have been a part of for the past two years. This is an event that he holds at his beautiful home in Waianae where guests can meet and talk to artists about their work.

Studio Gary Reed EventStudio Gary Reed 2012

I was also part of a cooperative gallery in Kailua for a short trial period.  Art Gallery 315 was a wonderful small gallery with a great mix of original art from local Hawaii artists. Unfortunately the lease came up, so the brick and mortar location is gone but the online version continues on facebook until another location in Kailua can be found.

Midweek Article Gallery 315 001

Art Gallery 315 – article in Midweek with one of my painting “Rise and Shine Cubs”

Aside from my website –, my work is still available through Sunshine Arts in Kahalu’u, Island Treasures in Kailua, Cedar Street Galleries in Honolulu and through Fine Art Associates.

This is an encaustic work that I finished a while ago. I was honored to have it accepted into the WAG Juried Show in May. I just got it back from being scanned and now have a beautiful image of the work. Encaustics have been around for 4000 yrs and have lasted unbelievably through the years, but due to the nature of the beeswax used in the process, it can be damaged if exposed to temperature above 150F (i.e. inside a hot car, if your home gets that hot , you probably have bigger problems than the painting.)

Kanaloa and Pele - Pati O'Neal

I created this piece to take advantage of the properties of the medium and to get really into the spirit working with the heat and trying to capture it within the work. The different textures in the painting educes the energy of the Hawaiian goddess of the volcano, Pele, meeting the Hawaiian god of the ocean/underworld, Kanaloa, as molten lava flows into the ocean on the Big Island of Hawai’i. The original is 18″h x 36″w on a cradled panel. Limited edition giclées on heavy archival rag paper and open edition matted mini-prints are available through my website at

Here is a work of art that has been dubbed a “scainting”, since it is a cross between a painting and a sculpture. The medium is oil on canvas, five canvases mounted together. There were a few things that I was thinking about when I came up with this other than just painting a landscape scene of the Ko’olau Mountain Range as viewed from Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden in Kaneohe. I wanted to add to the textural feel and exemplify the peaks and valleys of the mountains.  The other thought I had was more of nostalgic 70s sense; as I was envisioning all this green, an image of an avocado green ranch style house with these rectangular window cutouts to see the view, came to mind. Anyway, this is the result. It is 37.5″ w x 28″h.


Ko'olau Vista - Pati O'Neal

A natural depiction of the golden mean. This painting is of a costus speciosus as it pops up from the understory to shine in the sunlight. It is a 30″ x 40″ oil on canvas painting and is available at Sunshine Arts in Kahalu’u.

Spiral Costus - Pati O'Neal