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I have been working on compositions and prepping canvases though. In the mean time, I thought I would post a few of my paintings until most of them are posted. I will start with a couple of them that I recently won awards for at the ASAA 2010 Exhibit at the San Diego Air and Space Museum. They are both oil on canvas and are 18″h x 24″w.  The first is called “Rise and Shine Cubs ” , it won the Nixon Galloway Award for depicting the “Golden Age of Aviation” it is of a couple of Piper Cubs in a hangar.

Rise and Shine Cubs

Rise and Shine Cubs by Pati O'Neal

The second is called “Staggerwing Reflections “.  This painting won second place in AVweek’s General Aviation category. It shows the reflections of the setting sun captured by the immaculate finish of a 1944 Beech Staggerwing…

Staggerwing Reflections

"Staggerwing Reflections" by Pati O'Neal

To see these and others, follow this link:   ASAA 2010 Exhibit Winners

And this is a composite of all of the paintings that were included in the juried exhibit…

My “Manoa Jungle Diptych” is finally out in the public. Here are the completed paintings. It has been done for awhile and is currently at Sunshine Arts gallery in Kahalu’u, Oahu. I have giclées available either individually or as a set. The left panel is “Manoa Jungle I” and the right panel is “Manoa Jungle II”.

After a week or so of working on getting my new website online…it works! It’s not really visible on the search engines yet, but am working on that.

It is a collective of other women aviation artists. I have been fortunate enough to meet most of them and they are a wonderful group.

You can visit the new site at:

After spending two wonderful weeks in in Wisconsin visiting friends, networking and doing research, I am back in Hawaii. That means back to my computer and back to my easel. While there, I did do a plein air palette knife painting at the EAA Seaplane base in Oshkosh. It is my second PAPK painting. My first was done at the Gillespie Field near San Diego. Here are both: