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Landed in Wisconsin yesterday at the beginning of  beautiful day. Caught up with a couple of friends over breakfast. Spent the day playing with a new point and shoot camera. Looking forward to taking a lot of shots without fiddling with lenses to take pics for my painting. I’ll still have the DSRL for the prime shots.

Bill's "Aeronca Champ on the Lake Shore" on the easel

This is what was on my easel before.  Am now in the process of prepping and wiring it to deliver it next week.

Still gathering information for the new website. It’s coming together nicely and I am learning all the while.

And I am still plodding away on the “Manoa Jungle” diptych. Painted all weekend and made much progress!

Manoa Jungle Diptych

Manoa Jungle Diptych

Here is a in progress photo of what has been on my easel for quite some time now. The canvases are 18″ x 36″ each. The one on the left, I call “Manoa Bamboo”, not sure about the title for the one on the right yet. The working title I have now for the whole is “Manoa Jungle”.

I’ve been busy working on a new website call “Women Aviation Artists” to gain exposure  for the women artists of the genre of “Aviation Art”. I have been designing it in the iweb program after struggling with it in Dreamweaver. Wow, what a difference, I like the “what you see is what you get” format. Code writing or reading is not for me. I guess the real test will be when it goes online. The address for the new site is

I just got sent a link for a YouTube video where David Kassan creates a portrait on an ipad using the Brushes application. Pretty amazing though I’ll stick to my oils and wax instead. Enjoy!

Just signed up for this. It will take me a little while to get it organized and for me to start blogging. In the meantime – Have a fantastic Fourth of July!